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"Kitsune Jewel"
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Here's Info on all the characters in the comic can be found here. Click on their pictures to view more information about them. As more characters appear in the story, I'll update this page.



Ryu's a young Kitsune who's been charged with the task of getting Mirru back to the Kitsune Realm and finding the scattered Jewels


Ryu's official guardian and instructor. He's a bit strange.


Mirru's got Inari sealed inside her and a bit of an attitude problem.


The Kitsune God the Myobu follow. Her spirit's been sealed inside Mirru because of Kyubi


Kyubi's the antagonist of the story. She's taken over Inari's body and is abusing the God's powers.


The Minion is Kyubi's slave basically who does all the dirty work for her.


Bio coming soon


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