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"Kitsune Jewel"
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Links to other wonderful webcomics and link banners to my site if you would like to use them. KJ is link free so take what you want from the link banner selection.

Also, I am currently accepting affiliates and link exchanges. If you have a webcomic and are interested in either of these options, email me at


The Phoenix Requiem is a brand new webcomic by the same person who did Inverloch. Beautiful artwork and a great story so far.

Beautiful artwork and story. If you like fantasty, I suggest you read it.

Twokinds has to be one of my all time favorite webcomics. Awesome characters and story line along with wonderful and unique artwork!

I really love the anime style in this webcomic. It's a good story, too!

Super funny and awesome art and concept. A definite must read.

If you like Kitsune, I suggest you read this. Good story so far.

I absolutely love the style MA is drawn in. It's so original. Cute story, too.

Joyride is one of my favorite webcomics. I just love the characters and how it is drawn.

Anthro comic! This is a cute story that I love reading.

Awesome webcomic that is insanly popular and finished! If you haven't read it go read it. NOW!

More fox anthro comic goodness. Good story line.

This is the wonderful webcomic that inspired me to actually start mine! If you like Kitsune or are just looking for a cute story, definitly check this one out.

Earthsong is another amazingly done fantasy comic that you must read!

I really love the artwork in this comic! Love it, love it, love it. Go read it!

Catena is so funny. Go read it if you need a good laugh... or if you love cats.

Werewolf comic! The artwork is beautifully done and it's a great story so far!

This comic is so cute and funny. Awesome characters and foxes. What more could you want?

Another great webcomic about werewolves. I love the storyline so far and the artwork is great!

I love fantasy comics! This one's pretty good so far so go check it out!


An awesome story with great artwork! A must read.

This is one awesome story line and the characters are so cute. Go check it out!

Anthro Comic that is a great read. Warning: This webcomic is rated "R".

I love the artwork and character designs! The actual story isn't online but you can read the prelude, which is great!


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