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"Kitsune Jewel"
All of the other stuff that can't be stuck anywhere else.


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Yes, I know that there's not a lot here yet but that will all change someday! I have a bunch of ideas for this page and I hope to one day put them all to good use. For now, you'll just have to make do with wallpapers until I get the time to do some more for this page.
Also, if anyone has any ideas on what you would like to see as far as extras go, please let me know: I'm open to ideas! My e-mail can be found on the contact page or you can drop by the forums.



800 x 600

1024 x 768


Book Covers



Feel free to use them any of these avatars if you want to. And if anyone else wants to make their own avatars, feel free to use any images on the site as long as you give me credit. And please email them to me if you make some. I really want to see!

By TempestKitsune


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